How to use our products most effectively

Find happiness in the simple things by in love with life


Yes, our products are awesome and look great just to be worn and carried around in order to be admired by others but…

There is a lot more to our collection. Our collection is supposed to make YOU feel the best you possibly could. It is supposed to help YOU inspire those around you!

Which is the reason why it is very important for you to never forget one very important step when ordering and wearing our collection!

Our conscious mind as well as our subconscious mind work the strongest when they are working with feelings.

Repetition is important.

It is important to remind yourself consciously as well as subconsciously what it is that you want to attract in your life.

It is important to remind yourself how you want to feel.

So how do you do that most easily?

Well, let s say you fell in love with our shirt/ long-sleeve/ bag that says “I am happy”.

So before wearing it the first time, when holding it in your hands, think of a time you were genuinely happy, close your eyes and feel how it felt. Think of a situation that would make you feel very happy again, feel it. This way you connect feelings to the statement and you supercharge its effects on you.

Let’s say you fell in love with our shirt/ long-sleeve/ bag that says “smiling more often doesn’t cost a thing” and you are wondering how you could possibly connect this positive statement to a feeling. Follow the same step. Imagine, visualize a time when you were smiling, no matter for what reason, imagine how it felt, smile to yourself right now, feel how it feels and make yourself realize how easy it was/ is. It did not take you any effort then, it does not take you any effort now, it will not take you any effort or money next time either. Feel the relief realizing how easy it is, how great it feels and the simple fact that it does not cost you a thing!

Apply this method to all our products to get the best results when wearing them!