Start seeing the beauty in the day to day things & you'll automatically be more relaxed and happy by In love with life


It's actually really simple.
We love our lives.
We are in love with life.
There are lots of beautiful and great things in our everyday life.
There are tons of reasons to not only enjoy but be in love with life.
Unfortunately, though, it appears that not all people stop to notice those small but amazing details.
It seems as if a lot of people tend to forget that these small things in our daily lives are, what in the end, makes up a great day, a great week, a great life.
With our collection,
we want to remind people to be happy,
to smile more often, to be grateful and to fall in love with life.
We want to make it easy for YOU, we want to help YOU to be in love with life.
Or, if you are one of the lucky ones, who is already in love with life,
we are delighted to offer you a simple way, to stay in love with life, to showcase proudly that you are in love with life and to inspire those around you and help them to fall in love with life as well.
So, let's go,
dress up in our collection,
spread those positive energies and vibes,
help us make the world around you and around us happier 😊
In love with life, positive statements, positive thinking, positive energies, positive vibes

Why items from our collection make the perfect gift for you, your friends and your family.

Let’s be frank. Everyone needs a few new clothes every once in a while. Even those of us who do not like buying new clothes will have to buy new ones at least every now and then.

The rest of us buy new clothes more often because we love new clothes, we love to buy something that makes us feel great when wearing it.


But why should you buy something from our InLoveWithLife collection!?

Well, our collection is stylish, and it has something for everyone’s taste.

From clothing that just has our logo small printed on it, to clothing with wonderful, inspiring texts written all over it, such as this one, shirts with black writing and shirts with white writing. Bags with colorful writing and bags with black writing. White long sleeves, blue and black long sleeves, yellow, green, blue, grey etc. shirts, hoodies/ sweatshirts you name it!

The Law of attraction (LOA) says that what we think about is what we will attract more into our lives. (Which is why it is such a wonderful plan to learn how to be grateful for what you already have in your current life, on a daily basis. If you would like some further advice on how to do that, please go ahead and also read How to practice more gratefulness in our daily lives)

Therefore, the main difference between a good day and a not so good day is how we react to certain situations and our attitude on that day. Did you go through the day with a positive mindset or a negative one?

The LOA even suggests visualizing the things and results you desire in life (if you are not familiar with visualization yet, go ahead and have a read through The power of visualization and how to get started today).

One of the benefits of our apparel is that it will help you stay in a positive mindset throughout the whole day. Our clothing serves as a gentle, conscious and subconscious reminder every time you notice, whether you are aware of it or not.

Let’s say you are walking around with our Today is a good day because I chose to be grateful bag. You repeatedly will think of things you are grateful for when looking at the bag and you put your mind in a  state of expecting great things to happen. If you really expect good things to happen, as per the Law of Attraction will most likely take its course.

You will walk around smiling more often and simply being in a good mood. Which in return will normally direct more smiles, friendly face and helpful hands in your direction as well. Which, by the way, is also something that will keep your high spirits and positive energy up.

By wearing our apparel, you charge your positive energy levels, while at the same time doing so for those around you as well.

Reason number one being, as already mentioned, that you are in a better mood and therefore less grumpy but a lot more friendly.

And reason number two being that those who see your apparel will also consciously or subconsciously notice what is written on it.

If you spread positivity into the world around you, it will mirror and reflect positivity back at you (most of the time at least).

So wearing our clothing means you are not only doing yourself a huge favor, but you are also helping others on their way to a more positive mindset.

Always remember Happiness is a choice! It is up to you to choose to be happy. It is up to you to make it easier for yourself by using the different tools offered to you, such as our clothing, our ebooks,  our blog posts, our inspiring facebook page and so on, to make the necessary slight changes you need in order to improve your current life and learn how to be in love with life again.

Keep in mind: “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” - Keri Russell


Why should you buy something from our InLoveWithLife collection and give it as a present to your friends and your family!?

“We rise by lifting others.” – Robert Ingersoll

Well, first of all, everyone likes presents, right!?

Second of all, if you are already getting a present for someone, why not getting something meaningful for them that has the possibility to improve their life. To make them smile more, to make them enjoy life more, to make them be more in love with life!?

What shows more how much you care for them than something that is given with the intention to improve their life!?

Imagine how awesome it will feel realizing that they not only love your present put it also indirectly made a huge positive impact on their life!?

Imagine knowing you are the one who inspired them to see the beauty in life again!? Wouldn’t that be amazing!? Don’t you want to be a positive inspiration for your friends and family!?

Last but not least, all our apparel has only positive minded text written on it, and (nearly) everyone likes to hear or read about positive things, right!? Even those who might not currently love their lives, still love to read positive things that take their mind off their current worries.

Be the person who helps them escape from their current negative mindsets. Bee the one who aids them back onto the path of loving life.

“No act of kindness is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Help them be InLoveWIthLife, with you and us!

Let's be in love with life all together!


In love with life, positive statements, positive thinking, positive energies, positive vibes