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The power of visualization and how to get started today

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Visualizations are a very important part of achieving what you want and being more in love with life than you already may be.

As explained in our How to use section, in order for our collection to work best for you, you need to connect feelings to the given affirmations on our shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and bags.

If you manage to also connect “pictures” in your mind to those affirmations, you supercharge your positive energies and the speed at which you will achieve to gain more happiness in your life.

Visualizations may be very easy for some of you, but since a lot of people are struggling with visualizations, I want to give you some tips & tricks today on how to get started more easily with visualizations’.

So let’s get started, shall we!?

Simple massage techniques everyone can learn

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If you are looking for ways to relax more a great option is to schedule a nice professional massage once a week. If you do not have the time and do not want to invest that much money, or simply are searching for something a little more time flexible and spontaneous another way to get you to relax more often would be to partner up with one of your loved ones and learn a few simple massage techniques yourself!

Yes, it might not be as good as a 60 or 90-minute massage in a spa or wellness salon. But you could easily use it while watching a nice movie with your loved ones. Or maybe just a few minutes before you go to sleep. Maybe you could spend your lunch break giving a quick but nice hand massage to your co-worker and have him/ her give you a hand massage as well.

The more you are relaxed, the happier you will feel. The more positive energies and vibes you will radiate to those around you. Treating your loved ones (that includes friends and family members) with a nice massage, will make them more relaxed and let them feel happier as well which will end up with all of you being more in love with life.

Tips and tricks on how to easily get started with meditation

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Meditation is a great way for a lot of people to center themselves and calm down. They say it is the process of quieting the mind, reaching inner peace and complete relaxation. The nice thing about this method is that it not only calms you down at the moment but also keeps on lingering with you for quite some time afterward. I.e., the more often you practice meditation, the calmer your whole being will become and the easier it will get for you to reach a meditating state in no time, which again will give you time to meditate more often.

Yoga International has published a great definition of the word meditation which I would like to share with you today:

How to practice more gratefulness in our daily lives

Life is just better when you choose to be grateful


One of my all-time favorite definitions of gratitude is “the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation” by Sansone & Sansone, 2010.

Gratefulness is more than just saying thank you quickly; it is the feeling of being honestly thankful for something. The more you think about things you are grateful for, the more you will start connecting those things to positive feelings. The more often you express or think of what you are grateful for, the more you will realize how these thoughts tend to always put a smile on your face. This smile is what proves you the difference between just saying it and really thinking about it and meaning it when you think or say that you are grateful.

How to gain more confidence

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In our last blog post, we have covered very detailed why confidence is very important in your life. So as promised, in this blog post, I will give you some advice on how to gain more confidence. Mind you, there are tons and tons of different ways to achieve more confidence. I won’t be able to cover them all here. I may not even know all of the possibilities. But I will definitely tell you about those, which I believe are the most important, or at least easiest ways to build more confidence.

So let’s get started! Shall we!?

Why confidence is very important in your life

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Confidence can be described as a feeling of self-assurance which arises from a person’s appreciation of their own qualities or abilities.

For those of you, who may lack a little self-confidence, let me tell you: You are unique, you are different from everyone else, no one is exactly the same and that in itself already makes all of us awesome in our own ways! Everyone has talents and there are no exceptions to that. Everyone is good at something. Some people are very good at sports, arts or music, while others may be good at math or chess. It does not matter if you are a good listener or a good speaker, if you have the ability to bring out the best in others or if you just seem to be able to inspire everyone around you wherever you go. The important part is, that no matter what you may say, I am sure there is at least one thing you are very good at and that a lot of people admire you for. You should be proud of that, whatever it may be! Own it! Be confident about it!

Fall in love with life with these simple tips!

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Life is beautiful! It is full of amazing, fun things that will surprise you day after the day. But even though life is amazing, sometimes people fail to see its beauty and start to slowly fall out of love with life. We say: Start seeing the beauty in the day to day things & you’ll automatically be more relaxed and happy. Appreciate the simple things. We would even go as far as saying: Find happiness in the simple things.

So, in order to help you out a little bit, we have put together some simple yet very effective advice that will make you fall in love with life all over again! Life is amazing, everyone should be in love with life.

Why implementing more music in your life will make you happier

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All I need in the mornings is coffee & good music, after that I am ready to dance through the day

The first thing (ok second, after thinking about all the things I am grateful for and smiling) I do in the mornings, is turn on the music.

Then I dance my way to the coffee machine and then straight into the shower, where you would find me either humming or singing to my favorite song.

Mind you, I am neither a good singer nor a good dancer. But I don’t care. It makes me feel good, it energizes me for the day and it makes me smile.

5 Awesome advice that will make your life more amazing

It's your life. Do what YOU want to do by in love with life

It's YOUR life. Do what YOU want to do.

Everyone in this world strives to make their life as amazing as possible.

I want to help you achieve this goal.

Even though the suggestions I have for you might not completely change your life, I think this advice will definitely make your life a lot easier and more amazing than it already may be.  You may already be following some of these recommendations. If you are not, it might take quite some time and effort to get used to the tips I am about to give you. Especially if you are planning on making them your new habits. But I am sure, no matter what, these steps are worth taking on your way to a happier, more relaxed and amazing life.

The science behind positive thinking

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We are constantly being told to think in a positive way, to switch our brain into avoiding negative thoughts, all because of one good reason: Because of the fact, that this really works and makes a huge difference in our lives.  This advice, is not just empty meaningless words, changing your mind to a mind that is able to mainly think positive is not as complicated as you may think but the effect it will have on your life is immense.

We at InLoveWithLife firmly believe in the great benefits of positive thinking, we believe positive thinking and positive affirmations can have an amazing impact on a person’s life, which is exactly why all of our products are about living a positive, happy way of life.

Love yourself

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"Wouldn't it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy? This is precisely how much life loves you and wants you to nurture yourself. The deeper you love yourself, the more the universe will affirm your worth. Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair that brings you the richest fulfillment from inside out." Alan Cohen

“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”  -  Arthur Rubinstein

As one of our shirts/ bags says: If you love yourself, you will love your life.
But what does that mean? How do you love yourself?

Love yourself!

“Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” – L. Hay

It sounds extremely familiar, we have all heard it at least once in our lives.

Yet most of us have never really stopped to think what that exactly means. It is just something we hear and just take for granted? Yes, love yourself, of course, I do that, probably. But do you?

What does it mean, when someone says love yourself?

Become the ray of positivity everyone needs in their lives

Having a bad day? I forgot what that feels like by In love with life

Having a bad day? I forgot what that feels like

It has been proven that being surrounded by people who are happy and exude positive energy, instantly makes you feel and be in a better mood. So, what if you could be that person that people would love to be around? The person who makes them feel happier just by being there? What if you could be the one who spreads positivity to everyone around you?

The world is already filled with people nagging about their daily lives, negative news on the TV or newspapers. What people are constantly looking for, what they are searching, is something, someone who can be a ray of sunshine in their lives. Someone who will brighten up their day because it is impossible to resist their smile and happiness, their positive vibes and the way they seem to be in love with life and make those around them fall in love with life as well. How about you being that person for those around you?