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How to catch some proper sleep

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We all know how stressful it is if we did not manage to catch some proper rest for a few nights. One or two nights might still be manageable, but latest after a week of bad sleep you will be drained out. Maybe you did not go to sleep early enough and did not even manage to catch six or seven hours of sleep. Or maybe, which I think is a lot worse, you woke up having back pain.

Maybe you are not in the comfort of your own bed, where you might have a super comfortable mattress and those pillows which seem to just have the exact perfect firmness to let you sleep smoothly, maybe you are for some reason sleeping in a hotel or at a friends house, don’t worry there are a few small tips & tricks you can always use to wake up more refreshed.

If you usually sleep on your back, try to tuck a rolled up towel under your knees. This will let your muscles relax more easily since it supports your blood circulation.