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Smiling more often doesn' t cost a thing by in love with life


‘’Get up, get dressed, and never give up on each day’’  

Those powerful words have always worked wonders for Lisa Stariha whenever the body empowerment coach needs to instill some confidence in her clients. It goes without saying that what we wear would ultimately affect our mood, emotions, confidence, attitudes and the likes in significant ways. That is why this article on Huffington Post was written to stress just how important and empowering it can be when you wear the right clothes, and even the right underwear.


This is why today, more and more clothing giants and fashion brands like our very own InLoveWithLife, are getting more committed to not just manufacturing stylish and trendy clothes but designing those in a way that they instill positivity into every facet of your life on every other day. Do you want to learn how our positivity-inspired clothing can bring a whole new meaning and style to your days? You don’t have to clear your closet; you can just add our collection!

You can’t truly be happy unless you choose to be happy.
When you choose to be happy, you are making a conscious decision about how you look at the world. You are taking personal responsibility for your outlook, rather than blaming outside forces for the way you feel. Choose to become happier by wearing our clothing. Choose to start making a difference in your life. Our clothing and being in love with life go hand in hand. Read on to better understand why.


The power of positive clothing

You may have heard about the power of positive thinking but did you know, positive clothing also brings positive results? Our clothing and fashion accessories at InLoveWithLife are all about spreading positivity and good vibes. Our designs are based on tiny but powerfully positive words, inspirational quotations, motivational statements and affirmations that will energize your mind and spirit.


Apart from being stylish and representing your taste, this clothing type also carries greater emotional and mental health benefits, since this clothing choices leave positive imprints and clarity on your mind. You’ll be able to get through your days easily with more happiness and confidence. The positivity and inspiration you start your day with will radiate to all aspects of your life. Bringing in newer items of positive value will equally go a long way to help you with achieving life’s goals and personal desires. While also helping you spread the positive vibes to those you encounter in your daily life.


The law of attraction also applies to your choice of clothing

The Law of Attraction also supports this theory.  LOA, as it is also known, asserts that ‘’what we think about, we bring about’’. So those happy days when the whole world seems friendly and happy with you are actually no different from those days you’ve allowed the environment to reflect the hostility or non-positive mindset in you. The only difference is the positive mind.


The LOA goes further that we can attract things into our lives by visualizing the desired results. So when you start your day with our InLoveWithLife clothes using these positive affirmations and expecting great things to happen, you’ll most likely see this law take its course. You’ll spread positivity to the world which in turn will mirror and reflect the same positivity back to you.


Shop for positivity-inspired clothing at InLoveWithLife

If you like to stock up your closet with more positive and inspiring clothing items, you can go through our store here at InLoveWithLife for shirts, bags, and other clothing accessories to help you start and live through your days with renewed positivity, energy, happiness, and confidence.



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