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It's never too late to star being happy by in love with life


I want to be honest with you. Today I just felt a little bit crushed. Yes, it happens to me as well occasionally. Somehow, today, I did not seem to be as productive as I wanted to be. If I have a day like that it really seems to crush me. Each day that I am not productive also means that it is a day, where I can inspire and reach fewer people with my mission. I know it may sound cheesy, but I am passionate about InLoveWithLife. I really strive to inspire and to help as many people as possible to live a happier life.

My father always said, if you feel stuck and feel as if you are not really being productive, take a break. Clear your mind, do something else first, afterward you will get a lot more done.

A lot of times, I already took this advice. A lot of times, I had to admit that he was right.

So today, I decided to go and get my groceries first and then give it another try.  I do not know why, but, I ended up going to the grocery store I hadn’t gone to in a long time. While searching for my groceries I ran into a gentleman, judging his appearance I would have guessed he would be in his late thirties. Somewhere, midway through the conversation, however, he mentioned that he was already in his fifties.  That really struck me. Yes, he had some grey hair already, but hey, some people get grey hair quite early right!? He just had this energy, this positive aura around him, which just made him seem a lot younger than he apparently was. It made me realize, once more, that this was exactly what we want to help people achieve. To love life so much, to be so full of happiness that they radiate with so much energy that it makes them appear 20 years younger.

We have a saying in my family: “you are always as old as you feel” (probably it is not my family who came up with this saying, but I never heard anyone else say it). Nowadays, people associate a lot of negative things with aging. They expect people at a certain age to be either sick, weak, sad, lonely or else like. But did you ever hear about that bodybuilder in her eighties? Her energy makes her appear as if she would be a lot younger than in her eighties. Ernestine Shepherd is a wonderful inspiration, she is a splendid example of how we want people to be, maybe not as fit as her and not necessarily a bodybuilder, but as happy, motivating and energized as she is.

There is a second part we like to add to that saying in my family. “You are always as old as you feel. During the week you are older than on the weekend and in the mornings, you are a lot older than in the evenings when you should actually be getting ready to catch some sleep already.”

Unfortunately, that is true for a lot of people. A lot of people are not too happy with their daily life, they do not stop to see that There is beauty in everything. You just have to start noticing it”, they may not like their job and throughout the day, they tend to forget the positive thoughts they were planning to stick to for the day.

That is exactly what we want to change. That is why we want to equip you with shirts or bags that keep you reminded consciously as well as subconsciously all day long, that you should be smiling, that you should be happy, that you should be in love with life. Every day, not only on the weekends. Every time of the day, not only in the evenings. No matter how old you are. We want you to vibrate so much positive energy that you appear to others to be 20 years younger than you are. No matter what your actual age is.

"It is never too late to start being happy". Not for you, not for anyone.

You have to take the decision: "Today is a good day cause I chose to be grateful".

You decide how your day is going, how your life is going, and you have to decide over and over again. "What do you choose?"

You decide how old you want to feel.

Start being happy now.

Start being in love with life now.

Get the small reminders you need throughout the day to keep you positive and energized. Dress up in our InLoveWIthLife collection. Spread the positive vibes to others as well. Be an inspiration for others. Help others manifest what they need in life as well. Be InLoveWIthLife!



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