Happy clothing leads to a happier life

It's the perfect time to start having an awesome day by in love with life 

Everything we do in our lives has a way of affecting us, either in a positive or a negative way. Every small decision can make a difference. Even something as “simple” as, which clothing we will be dressing in for the day!

It’s not about spending thousands and thousands of dollars on buying expensive clothing items, but about having clothing that makes you feel great. It is about wearing happy clothes that will lead you and those around you to a happier life.

You can’t go through life dressing in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and still expect to feel good about yourself. It isn’t about finding the most expensive clothes out there; your clothing doesn’t have to be super expensive in order to make you feel good when wearing them, but your clothing has to reflect your personality. It has to represent who you are or who you want to be. It is about finding and wearing the right clothing that makes you feel good, that makes you feel happy.


How clothes can actually affect your life.

There have been multiple studies and researches on how clothes, and more specifically, the way we dress, can affect us, our moods and even the way other people perceive us.

A study published by the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal showed that the way we dress has a direct impact on the way other people view us.

 “It is important to choose our dress style carefully because people will make all sorts of assumptions and decisions about us without proper evidence.” 

That is why we have to think about which kind of personality we want our clothing to represent for us. Which kind of character traits should be underlined by our clothing choices? Do you want to be viewed as a kind happy person? Let your clothing speak for you! Wear a shirt that says “I am grateful” or carry a bag that says “ I am happy cause I am a happy person”.

But as mentioned, our clothes not only affect which impression others will have of us but more importantly, it will also affect the way we perform or act in life, especially in our workplaces. It has been proven that dressing to success, as cliché as it might sound, is actually really making a difference. The way we dress has a direct impact on the way we perform in different environments since it makes us feel different. It makes us feel more or less confident, more or less pretty, more or less comfortable. Nowadays a lot of people have meetings or interviews on Skype. Even if you are sitting in the comfort of your home during those you should dress accordingly.

I have a friend who once told me with a smile, she would always only dress up in a nice blouse and blazer for her skype meetings, but she would still stay bare feet in their pyjama pants at the same time, since anyways no one would see that part of her on the camera during the meeting. Unfortunately, my friend had forgotten about one very important person who always would notice, she forgot about herself. Pyjama pants, the comfort of not having to wear shoes make us feel comfortable. Exactly the way they are supposed to when longing on the couch in the evening while watching a movie.  But, this feeling, this comfort, is surely not what will have us attentively and professionally sit through an important meeting. I asked her to dress the full part for her next meeting, including the high heels etc. even if the other online meeting attendees may not see it. Just for once to give it a try and see if the meeting goes any different. And well, then obviously to come and tell me afterward if it made her feel different. We met for a coffee the week after. She said she did not get as sleepy and feel as unfocused as she had in some of the other meetings. She said because of the high heels, she seemed to automatically sit up in a straighter posture, which made her feel more self-confident, which probably led to the fact, that somehow in that meeting she seemed to speak up more often than in the previous ones. She honestly was really surprised when realizing which huge difference the way she had dressed made, even though except for her, no one else could see whether or not she was secretly wearing pyjamas during the meeting or completely dressing in accordance to the meeting atmosphere.

Clothing strongly affects the way we feel, consciously as well as subconsciously. Which is the reason we believe it is extremely important for people to dress in clothes that make them feel happy, that promote a happy life, that encourage them to smile more, to be more grateful and to be in love with life (Like many of our shirts for men and women). The chances that this kind of clothing will subconsciously start making you feel better right away, are huge. This is a trick that has been proven to work for multiple people, as shown by an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald,  besides the fact that we dress in them all the time!


So how do you dress to be happy?

The very first advice we would like to give you is to dress in comfortable clothes that YOU like and feel great in! Forget about fashion trends or following the people on Instagram. Instead, wear clothes you actually love and that compliment your body type.

Now, the second advice is to wear clothes that either embody your current mood, clothing that shows everyone how happy you are and intend to keep being! Or clothing that helps you get into that state of feeling happy and grateful if you are not there yet. Have a look at some of the clothing on our website, they all have inspirational/ motivational messages/ statements and affirmations printed on them. They are all designed to brighten your day and the day of those around you. They are designed to help you fall in love with life again, smile more, encourage others to be happier, make you feel more self-confident and just the way you deserve to feel, happy.

Third, but not least, you might want to wear unique accessories to compliment your clothing! A cute accessory, like a bag, can have the same subconscious effect on you as our shirts and long- sleeves and well, it might be slightly more adequate for a workday, depending on which profession you are in!

What are you waiting for? Start letting your clothes make you feel happier, letting you smile more often, appreciating the simple things in life, being in love with life again NOW.

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