Happiness is a choice!

Every situation has good & bad it's up to you to decide what will affect you more by in love with life


There is certainly no question about the fact that, happiness is a choice. The trick is knowing how to keep making that choice over and over again, how to choose to see the good things in everything we do, every day.

The good news is: Choosing happiness is actually simple! It is all about making slight changes in our daily lives in order to improve the way we live. It's about learning how to love every aspect of our lives and being content with the direction it is taking.

Today, we will take a look at all the factors that influence our happiness and how we can choose to be happy by making simple, yet very important decisions every day of our lives!


How we perceive happiness.

There’s a reason why people believe happiness is a choice. According to the Happiness Research Institute, there are three different ways or dimensions in which happiness is perceived:

  • The Cognitive Dimension
  • The Affective Dimension
  • The Eudaimonic Dimension


The cognitive dimension refers to how satisfied you are with your life and current situation. It is actually the base that lets us determine whether we actually feel happy or not.

The affective dimension focuses on the emotions we experience throughout the day, which in the end, will determine if we feel as if we had a good or a bad day.

Last, but not least, we have the eudaimonic dimension, which is a bit more complicated than the first two, but in a nutshell, it is based on whether or not we feel like having a purpose in life and are truly trying to pursue and achieve that!


How we can choose to be happy.

Now that you know how we perceive happiness we are going to tell you simple, yet very effective ways to keep choosing to be happy every day. Ways that will truly have a positive impact and will allow you to feel happier in a cognitive, affective and eudaimonic way.

  • Dress to be happy.
    You can’t possibly be positive in your everyday life choices if you don’t dress like you mean it! Lucky for you, we have a wide variety of apparel with great positive messages to uplift your spirit!
    Wearing clothes that reflect the happiness you feel inside when dressing in them is the right way to keep those feelings growing and to spread the positivity to others!


  • Always seek the good in every situation.
    Life might have its ups and downs, but the important thing is to remain unbothered and to be able to always seek the good in every situation life puts us through. Like our bag says: "Every situation has good & bad it's up to you to decide what will affect you more", you are the only one who can choose which impact things and situations will have on you.
    Keep in mind, there’s always a good side, there’s always a lesson to be learned from every situation! This will help you with the cognitive dimension of your happiness.


  • Don’t let your emotions control you.
    You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it! Being in charge of your emotions and choosing to react calmly to whatever happens will allow you to stay in a more positive mindset.

Remember, you choose to be happy, you choose how you feel, you are the one who controls your own emotions! If you need a little extra help remembering that, you can always carry one our bags, such as this one: "I am happy because I chose to be" to remind you to stay positive and not let things bother you.


  • Work towards a goal.
    As mentioned before, the eudaimonic dimension of our happiness centers around having a solid purpose or sense in our life. A wonderful way to make sure we have that is by working towards a goal.
    It can be absolutely anything you want: from getting a degree, to getting that job you’ve always wanted, to helping people in need. Just choose to work towards that goal and give your life meaning.
    We truly believe in this. We even have a shirt to prove it. A long sleeve shirt that will make you feel unstoppable once you put it on!


  • Do something that you truly love.
    Whether it is dancing, writing, buying clothes, swimming or drinking coffee (We do have a shirt that encourages you to do things you love and be ready for the day as well!)… Whatever that makes YOU happy, try doing that as often as you can. Remember, it is always good to have a little bit of fun in between our responsibilities. Being able to do something you truly love is a fantastic way to assure you’ll be happy throughout the entire day!


As you can see, happiness revolves around the little choices we are constantly making. If you work every day on making the right choices, we assure you, your days will be filled with happiness and joy.



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