19 awesome advice on how to start feeling happier at work

 19 awesome advice on how to start feeling happier at work by In love with life


As per a study conducted by the iOpener Institute people who feel happy at their workplace are two times more productive and sixty-five percent more energetic than employees who don’t.

Those who enjoy their work and like being at their workplace will usually be not only punctual but also performing all their daily tasks without hesitation. Happy employees oftentimes do not mind going the “extra mile” for their job.

The good thing is that if you do have a few happy employees already, the chance that their happiness spreads around and infects the others also is huge. Seeing someone feel good and enjoying their work easily motivates others to do the same.

A happy team-leader is always a more inspiring team-leader than the one hating his job. A team-leader flourishing in this position is like having hit the “jackpot” for the whole team, as he will motivate others and therefore the whole team will end up being more productive.

A team leader who is able to bring out the best in your work performance will make you feel valuable to the team and company, and he will give you a sense of accomplishment for what you do. If you feel as if you are still able to grow in your position and this is appreciated, you will always strive to do your best. If a problem arises you will be keen to find a good and efficient solution, rather than trying to ignore it or hide it under the table. Difficult situations at work will not get you stressed but excited to be given the chance to try to find a good solution. You will see them as challenges that allow you to grow, instead of problems which ruin your day.

The less stressed you are at work, the more healthy you will be. Fewer headaches, less worries, more energy, you name it!

Most of you might have already known this, so the real question is:  how can you increase your own happiness at work no matter the circumstances!?


Appreciate yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Of course, it is great to be recognized by your boss and your company, but it is just as important (if not even more) that you recognize yourself when doing something good at work. If you know you did very well on a task and you have tried your best, smile, tell yourself how great you did, and then go and grant yourself a small coffee break or a chocolate bar.

Macey and Schneider 2008 explained in “The Meaning of Employee Engagement” that small rewards given to the self can increase work engagement that is directly connected to persistence, energy, enthusiasm, and pride.


Be responsible.

Be responsible for the work you do. Be reliable. But also be responsible for your own growth. Make sure you keep on learning new work-related things, improving your skills, do not limit yourself to only the things you already know how to do. Sign up for that workshop and decide to join that conference every once in a while. Teach your co-workers, take responsibility in helping them achieve personal growth as well.

Be responsible for keeping your own workspace tidy and inspiring. If allowed put an inspiring wallpaper as a desktop background on your computer. Stick a sticky-note to your laptop saying: You are awesome! Put some flowers on your table if allowed by your company (and do not forget to water them), etc., etc. I am sure you get my point!

Be responsible for opening the windows every once in a while to let some fresh air in, or stepping outside for a mini break to catch a breath of fresh air!

Be responsible for communicating properly. Ask if you have questions. Say what you need. Most work-related stress is linked to lack of communication or miscommunication in the office.

Be responsible for avoiding gossip and negative co-workers. Spend your lunch break either with other positive minded colleagues or if there really are none to be found (which I doubt) spend it alone with an inspiring book or some YouTube videos that help you learn something new. Maybe take a sketchbook and try to draw/ sketch a little which even might spark some “lost” creativity. No harm in trying, right!?  If you still decide for some reason to have lunch with those gossiping, negative ones, at least make sure that their negativity does not affect you. Always remember: Every situation has good and bad, it is up to you to decide what will affect you more!


Don’t judge your co-workers.

We all have our own stories and reasons for doing things we do the way we do them. Don’t judge other peoples decisions or actions. You don’t know the reasons behind them. Yes, you can offer constructive criticism if you phrase it appropriately but try not to judge others. Try to ignore any prejudices you may have. Every individual is different, every person is unique in their own way. Try to see the good in others. If you see that they are doing something good, tell them. Compliment them. Help them see their talents. Encourage them to bring out the best in themselves!


Take a conscious decision to start enjoying work and having wonderful days!

As weird as it may sound, it is important that you really set your mind to it and actually decide that you want to improve your work happiness and commit to the necessary changes. Think of at least three things you are grateful for in regards to your work and three things you are grateful for in other areas of your life, every single morning before stepping into your workplace. If possible even as suggested in "How to practice more gratefulness in our daily lives" right after waking up, right in the first few moments of starting your day. This will make you start straight away with a smile on your face. This will give you the best possible start for the day.

You might even want to try visualizing yourself having an awesome work day!


Reflect on one task at a time.

Clifford Nass, a professor of psychology at the University of Stanford said that multitasking ‘wastes more time’ and can be the reason for unhappiness among professionals at different levels. Despite all those multitasking lover’s perception, juggling with various tasks at the same time makes it almost impossible to devote an equal amount of attention to each detail.

A wonderful way to help avoid this matter is by making and following a to-do list.


Help others.

I have already mentioned that it is always good to compliment your colleges on the things they do well. It is, however, also important to offer a helping hand when they seem to struggle, and even more vital to teach them how to improve. Helping someone else does not only make something easier for them, but it will give you a sense of empowerment and joy that is not easy to gain with anything else. Besides the fact, that we all have different talents and things we are good at, so you might be needing your co-workers help another day in return. Helping each other forms a bond of teamwork and companionship which can highly increase your level of happiness at the workplace.


Ensure you grant yourself sufficient breaks.

No-one will be able to work non stop. Concentration will always decrease after focusing too long on one task. If you notice that your mind seems to be already completely filled up and your concentration seems to have gone on a vacation or something, go for a break. Get up, do a little stretching, maybe go out or open the windows, get a glass of water and maybe have a mini chat with your colleague who also seems to be ready for a mini break. Then get back to work, with a new set of eyes and a refreshed mind. Now you will finish your task a lot faster than you would have done without taking a break.


Smile as much and often as you can.

Putting on a smile has the possibility to directly make us feel good. Besides the fact that smiling is contagious and seems to make people more kind and relaxed than throwing them a scary look. If you do not know what to smile about simply think of three things you are grateful for again. That normally does the trick already.


Make sure to have a laugh during your breaks.

As already explained in "Why we all should try to laugh as much as possible!" laughing can actually help you concentrate and learn something more easily while it also is a great ice breaker and stress releaser. All things that come in very handy if you are trying to have a good day at work.


Pay more attention to small acts of kindness.

Yes, I already said you should smile more often but now I would like to add smiling at your clients and coworkers more often, no matter if you are the one starting to spread the smile or the one returning a smile.

Hold the door open for your colleagues when possible. Thank them if they hold the door or the elevator for you. Don’t just throw them a quick “thanks”, look at them, smile and then actually say: Thank you!

Make compliments if someone else is doing something nice or good. Complimenting them on their nice shirt, or on their performance, both can work wonders!


When being stressed calm yourself quickly and efficiently with an easy breathing technique.

Have a read through "Need to calm down fast? Try some of these breathing techniques!" find the breathing technique that seems to suit you best, and practice it a little so you have it right at hand when needed.


Always keep a glass of water on the table.

I used to never drink enough water until I started putting a glass on the table next to my laptop. Keeping an empty water glass next to my laptop, however, did not make much of a difference in the beginning. Even if the water bottle was right next to it. What did make the essential difference, however, was keeping the water glass full. As soon as I finish a glass I fill it up again. I am not sure what my subconscious thinks exactly when noticing the full glass. I do not know if it thinks it needs to be emptied. or if it thinks it looks ready to be drunk for a reason. Or…I honestly do not know. But what I do know is that this small difference, the full glass in comparison to the empty glass, seems to make a huge difference for me. Since I started doing that, I easily finish my two liters (8 ounces) of water daily.


Turn up the beat.

Depending on your job and company you might be able to listen to some upbeat or concentration-enhancing tunes. If you can, get your headphones ready, create a few different work-playlists and get started. You can create different playlists for different tasks, depending on which kind of songs help you perform better during which kind of tasks. You might want to check out some different brainwaves as well. As already explained in "Why implementing more music in your life will make you happier" these also can have different effects and help for different kind of tasks.

Oh and if you are already on it, you might even enjoy a little mini dance on your way to your lunch break or to the bathroom, or simply when finally ticking off another task on your to-do list.

If your company or type of profession does not allow you music during working hours, you can still listen to music on your breaks and on your way from and to work. Put your favorite song and do not listen to it until the end. Turn it off before it is finished. This way you will create a wonderful earworm for yourself since your mind will try to finish the song and keep on playing those nice tunes over and over in your mind again for at least a few more minutes.


Carry one of our bags with you to work.

No, I am serious, all our bags have positive minded messages on them. All of them are designed to remind you throughout the whole day consciously as well as subconsciously to feel good and have a nice day. No matter if you choose something like the I am grateful bag, or the Smile ‘cause you deserve to be happy bag, or the I am happy bag or any of our other wonderful bags. You will notice them consciously and subconsciously, you will be reminded of the wonderful message which is written on it and which serves the same way a positive affirmation. It will help brighten up your day. Like it or not, it will make you feel better! Besides the fact that it will probably put those around you in a better mood as well since you won’t be the only one who repeatedly will notice its message!


Don’t schedule your work appointments and tasks too tightly after each other.

Leave room in case one of the tasks or appointments take longer than expected, that way you won’t get stressed if it does and you will be happy to have a few minutes to yourself in case you finished in time. Appreciate those moments. Take a deep breath, smile, be grateful for that little break, have a look around, stop to notice the beauty around you and maybe even go and grab a coffee or some of that pastry from that amazing bakery next door.


Improve teamwork by having a work get together or activity once every one or two weeks, or at least once a month.

This can range from anything like grabbing a drink together, having a cookout together, to even forming teams and having a mini soccer tournament, a karaoke night or something alike.


Don’t take your work home if not necessary.

Allow yourself some time to relax and to take your mind off work. Work-life balance is an important factor in feeling happy at work. Allow your mind to process the information of the day and to recharge for the next day in order for you to be your most efficient self when coming back to the office the next day.


End your workday with a few grateful thoughts.

I mentioned earlier to start your day by thinking of three things you are grateful for in relation to your work and three things you are grateful for in relation to the rest of your life, in order to start the day in a positive mindset.

To keep the smile throughout the day you might want to do the same thing when finishing your workday and getting ready to go home. Try to include something you are grateful for that relates to that exact day from work. Maybe you are grateful it went so smoothly. Maybe you are grateful you finished your assignment so quickly. Maybe you are grateful that you were able to assist your co-worker today or for the fact that you really enjoyed your lunch break, etc. etc.

For some people, it is easier to feel grateful when writing down what they are grateful for instead of only thinking about it. If that is the case for you get a small notebook like this one for example and write it down once in the morning and once you are about to leave your workplace. This also has the advantage that when you feel a little less motivated you can reach for your notebook and read through the things you felt grateful for earlier in the day or the week before etc. This usually should be enough to put that smile back on your face.


Make sure you get some good rest in the night and start your new day completely refreshed and energized.

If you are having difficulties sleeping well, I recommend you to read through "How to catch some proper sleep" it contains some easy to follow tips & tricks that might be able to improve your sleep quite significantly.


Now start looking forward to your work days again and don’t forget to share these great advice with your family, friends, and obviously…co-workers!


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